Title: Counterpoint
Fandom: Kill Bill
Pairing: Bill/The Bride
Warning: Pre-movie
Rating: R
Summary: Bill believes that women are naturally more ruthless than men.
Notes: By request.

Bill believes that women are naturally more ruthless than men. While it is true that men make war and invent weaponry, from impersonal bombs to the grace of martial arts, when women fight they fight without forgiveness or sentiment. Even if the fight is personal, as it often is, a woman will hold back her heart and use all her force with no room for mercy.

He likes this about women. He likes this about Her.

She is like a harmony to Bill, contrasts, counterpoints. Long gangly limbs and cheekbones like cliff ledges. Oh, Her pretty eyes, Her golden hair–these are uninteresting to Bill. Any man can love these.

No, he loves Her lethal hands most. They look harmless, indeed, but She has killed for him and that, in all likelihood, is why he loves them best.

“What a treasure you are,” he murmurs as he traces Her hourglass waist. She fucks like She fights, completely, with focus and concentration, and he is vastly pleased. “You’re not like the others, you know. You’re not a psychopath–” She chuckles, her eyes sleepy — “And you’re not taking out your revenge on everyone you see.” Again She chuckles, touching his chest. “So why do you kill?”

“Because you pay me.”

“No, I know that’s not it. Not entirely.”

She shrugs, lightly shifting the slope of Her breasts. “Because I must,” She says simply and rises from the bed, golden-skinned. “And you will continue to pay me, despite–” Her eyes flick around the room. “Despite this.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replies with complete seriousness. Of course he will: you don’t train a weapon like Her and then let it sit idle or shame it by withholding rewards. She is a fierce lover and a strong fighter, and she is going to make one hell of an assassin, of that he is sure.

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