Easy as Pie

Title: Easy as Pie
Fandom: LOTRiPS
Pairing: Billy/Orlando
Rating: SFW
Summary: Billy and Orlando celebrate Billy’s birthday. Again.

Scotland is a cold country, and its sons have developed natural means of defense. Billy, for example, is covered with a fine pelt of gingery hair: not monkey-thick, thank God, it does not disguise the delicacy of his features: slender hands, fine nose and chin, graceful neck.

Orlando, drunk on his fourth (or is it fifth?) glass of champagne, says, “If you were a woman, I’d kiss you.”

“I think you should kiss me anyway,” Billy says, laughing from his own five glasses (or what is four?). “Because it’s my birthday, you should kiss me.”

Orlando does not back down from dares. He fears nothing: not heights, not depths, not darkness and not speed. This will be easy as pie, he thinks, and leans over the arm rest to kiss Billy’s lips.

They are sticky, sweet like champagne.

He feels Billy almost pull back, but then Billy’s hand on his cheek. “Ah, that’s nice,” Billy murmurs, and Orlando thinks, He even kisses with a brogue.

Six. Definitely six.

They both laugh when they part and settle back in their seats. Orlando feels loose and rubbery, like he could fly without the plane. He looks at Billy, whose eyes are closed. He twirls his champange flute in long fingers.

Orlando thinks, It’ll be good to have a friend.


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