Colors, Rich and Pure

Title: Colors, Rich and Pure
Series: Stranger than Fiction
Fandom: Crossover (LOTRiPF/X-Files)
Pairing: Dom/Scully
Rating: SFW
Summary: Promises. Temptations. And the ocean blue.

She picks up the phone. “Dana Scully.”

“If I look out my kitchen window I can see the beach. It’s white. The water is so blue it hurts. There’s green everywhere and it’s rich and deep. I can hardly wait until sunset: I think I’m going to see colors I’ve never seen before.”

“You must be unpacked.” She smiles into the phone.

“Not hardly, but no matter. I’ve got two more days and not many things to unpack. This is a short trip”

“What are you doing right now?”

“I’m making soup for supper. After I eat I’m going for a walk down to the beach. There are stairs from the street to the shore, and as I understand it it’s only semi-private and everyone on this street has access. Perhaps I should bring my soup down there and have a picnic.”

“With soup? You’ll get sand in it.”

“I’ve eaten stranger things. What are you doing right now?”

“I’ve just washed my face to go to bed. William’s asleep. It’s very quiet.”

His voice is low. “Do you miss me?”

“I don’t miss your noise.”


“I miss you. Of course I miss you. Tell me more about Hawaii.”

“Oh, Dana. It’s amazing. It’s so beautiful. The colors are pure. They’re bright. And the air is thick and juicy and so clean. It’s like there are no cars for a thousand kilometers, nothing to make it grungy. Dana. How soon can you come?”

“Not until December.”

They both are quiet. “You’ll love it, you know. Despite the heat. It’ll be sweltering in December but you’ll still love it. You’ll never want to leave.”

“I’m not ready to follow you around the world yet, Dom.”

“This is only halfway around the world. One trip. We’ll talk about you following me later. Oops, my soup’s boiling. I s’pose it’s time to eat it.”

“Call me tomorrow?”

“As soon as I get up.”

“I’ll be at work.”

“Then I won’t say anything dirty. Not very dirty, anyway.”

“Go eat your soup.”

“I wish you could come sooner.”

“Me too, Dom. Me too.”

They both hang up.


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