Bedtime Story

Title: Bedtime Story
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Genre: Merry/Pippin friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Merry talks Pippin to sleep.
Notes: For


Merry opened one eye and rolled onto his side. “What, Pip?”

“I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry. Have another apple.”

“I ate the last one already.” His eyes glinted green in the dark. “Merry?”

“What, Pippin?”

“I don’t like this forest. It’s scary and dark. I miss the Green Dragon. I miss a mug of beer and warm fire. I miss Brandybuck Hall.”

“We all miss home, Pip,” Merry said gently.

“I know,” Pippin said in the saddest voice Merry had ever heard him use. “But it seems so far away. It seems like a dream. Do you really think we’re ever going to see home again?”

Merry put his arms around his kinsman, as he would do when they were boys. “We will. They’ll welcome us home like returning heroes. There’ll be a parade. Girls will throw flowers. There’ll be a feast. Beer will flow like a river. And they’ll say, Hail to Merry and Pippin, to Frodo and Sam! They destroyed the Ring and restored the king!”

Pippin sighed in satisfaction. “You tell the best stories.”

“Thanks, Pip. Go to sleep.”

“Good night, Merry.” A few seconds passed. “Merry?”

“What, Pip?”

“Why does your name always come first?”


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