Title: Riverside Author: Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Tonks/Colin Creevy Warning: post-series AU Rating: SFW Summary: Have you ever been kicked in the nuts by a superhero? Notes: For , who actually wanted a different Colin. Oopsie. Have you ever been kicked in the nuts by a superhero? You have now, kiddo, and it could be… Continue reading Riverside

Bedtime Story

Title: Bedtime Story Author: Fandom: The Lord of the Rings Genre: Merry/Pippin friendship Rating: G Summary: Merry talks Pippin to sleep. Notes: For "Merry?"Merry opened one eye and rolled onto his side. "What, Pip?""I'm hungry.""You're always hungry. Have another apple.""I ate the last one already." His eyes glinted green in the dark. "Merry?""What, Pippin?""I don't… Continue reading Bedtime Story

Colors, Rich and Pure

Title: Colors, Rich and Pure Author: Series: Stranger than Fiction Fandom: Crossover (LOTRiPF/X-Files) Pairing: Dom/Scully Rating: SFW Summary: Promises. Temptations. And the ocean blue. She picks up the phone. "Dana Scully.""If I look out my kitchen window I can see the beach. It's white. The water is so blue it hurts. There's green everywhere and… Continue reading Colors, Rich and Pure

Easy as Pie

Title: Easy as Pie Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Orlando Rating: SFW Summary: Billy and Orlando celebrate Billy's birthday. Again. Scotland is a cold country, and its sons have developed natural means of defense. Billy, for example, is covered with a fine pelt of gingery hair: not monkey-thick, thank God, it does not disguise the delicacy… Continue reading Easy as Pie