Against the Sun

Title: Against the Sun Fandom: LOTR RPS Prompt: paper bag, sandals, skateboard Characters: Billy/Dom Rating: NSFW Author Notes: Written for 's monaboyd challenge. Summary: Forever always ends Thanks to for saying it would do. Sunlight glints amber and gold off of Dom's sunglasses--rock star glasses, Billy thinks. Don't Look Too Close glasses. Hiding Myself glasses.L.A.,… Continue reading Against the Sun

As Stars Go Out Again

Title: As Stars Go Out Again Series: Stranger Than Fiction Fandom: X-Files/LOTR RPS Characters: Dana Scully/Dominic Monaghan Rating: NSFW Author: Notes: For SpicedRum: I'm your badger. You're my spoon. And for Meridy, who seconded that motion. Summary: Rain. New York City. A young actor with nothing to do, and the FBI agent watching over him.… Continue reading As Stars Go Out Again