Morning Mist on the Mountains

Title: Morning Mist on the Mountains
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: Unrated
Notes: Written for the Appeasing the Heathen Gods Challenge

White sailors come with glittering toys and disease on their flesh. Morning Mist On the Mountain thinks nothing of them—she, a chief’s daughter, haughty in her beauty and terrible in her pride. Let the silly girls give up their maidenheads for worthless beads and hot fabrics. Even her father falls under their spell, giving them fruit, fish and nets in exchange for a gold coin—its face from a nightmare despite its shine.

She has no brother to avenge her father when the pirates return, and reclaim the coin with a knife to her father’s throat. It is up to her: to steal aboard a trading ship, to exchange her body for information, to cut her hair and dress in rags, to give none of the whites the power of her name. “Joe,” she says to the constant question. “Just call me Joe.”

She follows them across the great waters, into the shining blue sea, and finally with her awkward English and flashing teeth finds the white sailors, the pirates, the man with the ragged hat who smiled when he slit her father’s throat. “I am Morning Mist on the Mountain,” she says as she plunges her own knife into his heart. “And this is my revenge.”

She does not know what to do when he starts laughing.


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